Shopi Go No:17
/// Interior design project for showroom of an online shoping brand  
Location: Istanbul / Turkey
Status: Completed 
Contribution period: September 2014 - October 2014
Contribution type: Being present in the project site as Junior Supervisor 
Design: kpm kerem piker mimarlık

#interiordesign #showroom #juniorarsupervisor 
The design decisions are made with the awareness that the store is not only a retail space but also a space for products to be exhibited as singular objects. In that sense as curtain element creates niches for products from place to place and gives identity to the space, it also covers structural defects along walls which are commonly found on the site due to age of buildig. Other than that, a glass box is created on the floor not only to make visual connection with upper floor and the street level but also to make sunlight bring to the basement. Here is the direct link to the project website provided by kpm kerem piker mimarlık.

Within the process of execution, as Junior Supervisor I was constantly on the project site to supervise constructive installations in parallel with execution drawings and to set up the connection between office as well as the site. Following project related points can be named as tasks undertaken within the contribution period:
- Delivering installation related instructions from office to construction formen on site
- Going through drawings provided by office and controlling installations achieved on site
- Conducting installations in parallel to time schedule
- Actively being part of installations when required