Kemerlife XXIII 
/// Housing Complex out of three blocks gathering around a shared courtyard 
Location: Istanbul / Turkey
Status: Completed 
Contribution period: November 2014 - December 2015
Contribution type: Being part of license and construction phase in the planing team as Junior Architect  
Design: kpm kerem piker mimarlık

#housingcomplex #sharedcourtyard #juniorarchitect

I worked in planing team of the project which was responsible for desing solutions, licence and construction phases of the housing complex. Blocks extend along outline of project side by leaving free space in the middle which is used as a shared courtyard. As one block differs itself from others with its dominant facade material, the rest of two blocks have wooden dominated facade elements and combined to work together with shared terraces. Here is the direct link to the project website provided by kpm kerem piker mimarlık.

Within the employment period as Junior Architect in kpm kerem piker mimarlık I basically had been part of Kemerlife XXIII from late design part till almost the end of the construction phase. On the way of execution, project had a couple of major revisions, which required holistic changes in design decisions. Afterwards construction drawings are generated and updated based on the new design. Following project related points can be named as tasks undertaken within the employment period:

- Design revisions of conceptual decisions and spatial organisation of housing units

- Support for generation as well as updating of 1:100 and 1:200 scaled plans and sections based on feedbacks of structural engineering

- Generation descriptive texts and measurements, rough construction related instructions

- Generating and updating 3D digital model of the project in parallel to revisions

- Participation in generating 1:50 scaled execution drawings

- Occasionally attending to meetings with engineers and material manufacturers