/// New office building and renovation of heritage-protected buildings 
Location: Berlin / Germany
Status: Under construction 
Contribution period: September 2019 - July 2020
Contribution type: Being part of construction phase in a team as Junior Architect  
Design: Gewers Pudewill

#oldslaughterhousecomplex #newofficebuilding #juniorarchitect

I worked in planing team of the project which was responsible for the new building constructed on an old-slaughterhouse site. The new building is a five-storey working space with underground car park in Berlin-Prenzlauerberg. Here is the direct link to the project website provided by Gewers Pudewill.

Within the employment period as Junior Architect in Gewers Pudewill I basically had been part of planing team of DSTRCT and had chance not onlyto experience challenges to desing an office building but also to have overview of the regular construction process in Germany via some tasks undertaken. In general, following project related points can be named as tasks undertaken within the employment period:

- Support for generation as well as updating of plans and sections in WP2 based on feedbacks of structural engineering and building technology

- Generation descriptive texts and measurements, rough construction related instructions

- Participation in generating 1:5 - 1:10 scaled detail drawings of gypsumboard walls and wall connections

- Generation of overview plans for wall types

- Generation of overview plans for floor surface

- Generation of masonry details

- Generation and updating of door details

- Updating the rough construction for light shafts in the light of infos gained from manufacturer